• not only Mafia.

    by Eloisa d’Orsi.

    Travelling along the short stretch of road between Palermo and Trapani, among orchards and vineyards under a clear blue sky, every town  brings back dark memories: Palermo and the Via D’Amelio massacre, stories of protection money and racket, the murder of businessman Libero Grassi and then, travelling south towards Trapani, the massacre of Capaci and that of Portella della Ginestra on Mayday 1947 and then again Cinisi, where the young Giuseppe Impastato was killed by the Mafia, Lenzi Di Napola where Mauro Rostagno was murdered, until we get to Trapani, the town of 100 banks and the new mafia chief Matteo Messina Denaro’s hometown.

    And yet, away from the Sicily-Mafia identity stereotype, inside the Palermo-Trapani-Belice Valley triangle, I went looking for the new struggle against mafia, which sees new characters as leading roles, people who never or little committed themselves before in this field: entrepreneurs, businessmen, students,traders, farmers. This new antimafia struggle protagonists are common people, leading an everyday struggle, perhaps not in the media spotlight, but a struggle that, in its own little way, is achieving important goals and, in the long run, could even be crucial in the action against Cosa Nostra.

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