• Villa Literno between ghosts of the past and imagined future.

    by Paolo Bosio.

    “The Round” has always been a labor market. My grandfather took me there when I was a child. There come the laborers from neighboring countries, they are immigrants, the farmers choose them and bring them into the country. My interest in the issue of immigration comes from the murder of Masslo JE. A murder is never an accident on the way, is the culmination of a tension accumulated over the years. The population was divided. Now there are the immigrants from East Europe, as soon as they arrive with their families, they look for a home. First there were only young blacks laborers, today there are families. There is welcome, as always, but there is also exploitation.

    I was mayor of Villa Literno. I have the pride that I was opposed to a new landfill. We had a fight that led to the march of ten thousand. We realized the the destruction wreaked by the Camorra with the toxic waste, and we did allocate money for reclamation, but it never arrived. No, I would never have allowed the eco-bales landfill. Have you seen the eco-bales? Do you know that in our country all the families had a relative affected by cancer? We are facing, I believe, an unprecedented environmental disaster.

    A former mayor of Villa Literno.

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