• director: Diego Scarponi

    DOP: Ramiro Civita (ADF)

    editor: Lorenzo Martellacci

    editing supervisor: Jacopo Quadri

    producers: Paolo Bosio and Marina Zeising

    production companies: Collettivo Don Quixote and Actitud Cine

    What connects a theater director to a museum, a teacher to a workman, a cooperative to dozens of artistic, creative, sports laboratories?

    Something very concrete, a space, and something absolutely intangible, a project.

    In a word: IMPA.

    Since almost two decades, IMPA is a ‘fabrica recuperada’ that is self-managed by a cooperative of workers. In the middle of the ‘50, the workers were up to 3.000, in that specific plant. At the moment of the occupation, in 1998, the workers were over a hundred, now less than 50. From the beginning there is the idea of sharing the spaces left empty by the factory - which are endless - with the area close to the plant, the neighborhood of Almagro.

    IMPA becomes in a short time - for the entire Buenos Aires - a social, cultural, educative engine.

    While the production of aluminum products continues, IMPA sees the birth and growth of a training center, an adult education center, a radio and a TV self-managed, four theater companies and much more.

    These experiments are flanked by dozens of laboratories, sport activities, groups: dance, music, arts. Based on voluntary participation, IMPA lives thanks to cooperation and solidarity, creativity and unity, in a perpetually precarious condition, because is day and night under the risk of a judicial attack which, at the time of filming the film, took the form of the complete cut of the electric current. Coexists with the constant possibility of losing everything.

    IMPA is a perfect representation of resistance and resilience.

    The film portrays a choral fresco of this wonderful experiment, constantly evolving, through a mosaic narrative structure, in which to an observational

    glaze are interweaved the testimonies of the single stories of the people of



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