• a story from Turin’s juvenile prison.

    by Paolo Bosio.

    This is the story of a difficult path to freedom and social reintegration of a guy I met three years ago in prison. In Turin’s juvenile prison  there are almost only young immigrants who have stories of harsh living, in which the word justice has rarely been present. The mere existence of an institution such as the juvenile prison is a paradox. But the prison is a very important moment for the future of a boy, because during that moment of suspension and unhappiness they must make choices that will determine their future. Detained children must decide how to continue their lives. They often choose to follow the path of crime, but not always. “Ibra” for example, after an initial period of rebellion, decided to change. Ibra, like all the Moroccans I met in Turin’s juvenile prison, comes from Kouribgha, a poor town near Casablanca. Like the others he came very young and alone in Italy, to make easy money stealing and selling drugs. During the two years in prison Ibra decided to change and to work to lay the foundations of his future life. He worked actively with all prison employees to achieve his dream of owning a bar in Turin. Ibra was released the 30 of September 2010, and had to face his most difficult period, the period of liability and of choices. He had to decide between “Khouribga lifestyle” or rehabilitation in Turin in a hostile society, and he was alone, without the support of his family. Now ibra has a normal life, a job, and a residence permit My deal with Ibra, and also our photographic project, is to tell his story using photography, following him from prison to normality, through the most important and significant moments of his new life.

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